A Second Wedding – ‘Long Years!’

A Second Wedding – ‘Long Years!’

One day my cousin asked me to contribute to the cause

Yet when I think of Brian, It seems wrong to search for flaws

A situation you might think deserves some mild applause

Though others may consider more in line for wild guffaws!


Let’s go back to the start to when we all first met at Bray

For in those lazy summers all we ever did was play

But being so grown up he knew we’d not a lot to say

So sensibly, he’d leave us ‘kids’ with minimum delay.


Our journey then continued at both Summerfields and Stowe

Where our beloved parents thought the three of us should go

And though we didn’t cross paths much he put on one fine show

Until the day when asked what’s next he stammered “I don’t know”.


‘The Colonies’ were fun we heard so Brian duly went

And with the golf and sunshine found his new life heaven sent

While some years later I went too, though not with my consent

But with the urgent need to repay all that I’d been lent.


Now Brian’s best career move would involve some strange bar code

The blasted things were everywhere, on bottles by the load

Their usage inexplicably continues to explode

Which seems to keep his empire ‘oh so sweetly’ on the road!


It wasn’t long before dear Brian made up his mind to wed

A lovely girl, who let’s be frank, may well have been misled

But as it turned out both their occupations streaked ahead

Until a bundle came along, a new mouth to be fed.


Since then decades have past and here we find ourselves again

A second wedding day from which I sadly must abstain

To bride and groom let’s raise a glass of finest French champagne

And pray that laughter ever fills the long years that remain.

Customer Review

Michael M 

That is great Michael – I shall try to do your poem justice when I read it at the reception. Thank you!