A Hotel Project – ‘Mambo Sun’

A Hotel Project – ‘Mambo Sun’

In Lombok Indonesia

There’s a stretch of beach so fine

It’s guaranteed to please you

So I’m miffed that it’s not mine

The land’s shaped like an armchair

While it offers much the same

A refuge that’s beyond compare

And Mambo Sun’s its name.


A mate of mine the owner’s

Been a friend most of my life

He used to be a loner

‘Til he stumbled on his wife

They had three girls and settled down

And each has great allure

Three perfect gems to gild his crown

Long may they all endure!


Mambo Sun Mambo Sun

Has Nature’s bounty by the ton

When stress has got you on the run

You’ll find some peace at Mambo Sun.


When we flew east for Christmas

It was Bali we hit first

An island not an isthmus

But well placed to quench your thirst

The hospitality was great

Bar rain that failed to stop

So in the end we couldn’t wait

And had to island hop.


We flew across the narrow sea

To reach our destination

Where coral waters set us free

And lifted our frustration

A clever blend of style and flair

Deserving of great fame

A testament to love and care

And Mambo Sun’s its name.


Mambo Sun Mambo Sun

Its dazzling views can’t be outdone

A place of joy and endless fun

So pack your bags for Mambo Sun.

Customer Review

Richard N-L

Miguelito, thanks for the cracking poem. Great stuff, clever boy!