A 50th Birthday – ‘You Much Impressed Her Mister Hester’

A 50th Birthday – ‘You Much Impressed Her Mister Hester’

I first entered the world back in ‘71

With my ma crying lordy! This must be a son

When her breathing grew fainter to mimic my screams

My dear mother the painter returned to her dreams.


My dad was a vicar, a leader of men

But his eyes seemed to flicker then light up again

For instead of a girl he had boy number three

A fresh precious pink pearl for his fine family.


My schooldays were bright at least those on the pitch

But the homework at night was a bit of a glitch

So I moved up to town for the lights of TV

Where I rarely felt down until asked to make tea.


While I fancied the stage and my new way of life

I was at the right age to go seek out a wife

She was all I could need, I was surer than sure

As at close to warp speed I was begging for more.


When I went back to Uni to get my degree

What some thought was plain loony seemed just right to me

For as strange as it seems drama’s sparkle had gone

And now arches and beams would be what I’d dwell on.


But at weekends I do love to sail on the sea

Where the clear skies above set my city soul free

While at Aardnamurchan on our annual leave

I’m the Lord of the clan with my heart on my sleeve.


I’ve always been steadfast, the right kind of dad

For I go at things full blast the other way’s mad

My wife and my kids mean the whole world to me

Though fine wine and cuisine come a close number 3!

Customer Review

Rachel C

Only this morning have I managed to carve some peace to read through your fantastic poem.  Michael, it’s an absolute gem, thank you so much! How clever you are and what a remarkable gift to spin such a brilliant piece of poetry from a loose arrangement of facts. I’m SO grateful to you. The only problem is, I’d like to give it to Alex NOW – not sure if I can wait until his birthday. Thank you and bless you & all continued power to your pen!