SUNDAY TIMES April ’18 – “Verses that make an unseen world jump out of the page.”

“The very cream is offered to you in this delightful book. Seeing Better Now is a charming, broad square of a volume that is a gift to bring joy to anyone, child or adult at Christmas or birthdays. A compendium of 56 verse stories engulfed by colourful illustrations that reflect the quirkiness of the poems. The book at first makes you think of the Victorian poetry by Edward Lear, Rudyard Kipling or Lewis Carroll. But unlike A Book of Nonsense or The Tale of the Mock Turtle, most stories by Michael Roc Thomas have a firm relevance amidst all the whacky fun. True there’s playful, zany rhyming and lots of bizarreness, but most of them have embedded in their heart a meaningful story and message.”

“An Amazing Book.”




DAILY MIRROR April ’18 – “The magic in Seeing Better Now.”

“When Seeing Better Now was delivered to my office, the vibrant colours on the cover quite literally forced me to tear my eyes off the screen and look at what this book is about. I wasn’t sorry I did. Flipping through its pages, I was enchanted by the innocence, humour, colour and unique imagination portrayed in the words. The beautiful illustrations accompanying each poem add to the whole experience. A sense of magic and wonder pervades the book, each poem kindling awe.”

“The book brushes your heart in the gentlest of ways.”



SUNDAY ISLAND January ’28 – “A Tour de Force of Magical Verse!”

“Seeing Better Now launches the career of a talented new writer and evokes Michael’s creative journey from professional photographer and world traveller to storyteller and mad Dad. Readers enter a world of fascinating characters, animals and locations guaranteed to appeal to parents and older children everywhere. Central to what influences the stories are the many years Michael spent on the move, and especially his last ten years living in and absorbing the culture and language of Sri Lanka, Asia and beyond. The premature birth of his daughter in Colombo in 2006 and his subsequent concern for her sight add special poignancy to his decision to change creative direction. Seeing Better Now comprises fifty-six tropical and topical tales told in verse. Each is beautifully illustrated in full colour by two of Sri Lanka’s finest artists. Many of the stories are humorous, doleful or bittersweet. Others ask powerful questions and will make the reader think. They all have great charm and genuine originality.”

“Poetry? No, much more fun!”