The Devil’s Dice

The Devil’s Dice

Three weeks in paradise

You had me in a vice

I threw the devil’s dice

And lost my liberty.


Soon your heart turned to ice

You cut out being nice

I paid a heavy price

As you tormented me.


You had so little time

To plan the perfect crime

Your nerve held while you crossed the line

The one I couldn’t see.


You turned my head with lust

Though I felt no disgust

I cracked and soon became resigned

And missed my chance to flee.


Three weeks in paradise

Listening to bad advice

You took me slice by slice

And offered no mercy.


Your plans were so precise

You taught me every vice

Pain was the main device

You used seductively.


You quickly took control

Submission was your goal

You made me beg to be confined

Then threw away the key.


You trampled on my trust

You ground me in the dust

Your methods were so well refined

And worked so perfectly.


Three weeks in paradise

Ruthlessly being enticed

Shattered I realised

I had to break free.


I threw the devil’s dice

But this time I threw them twice

It came as no surprise

The Devil had been me.


You took your precious time

You planned the perfect crime

You thought I didn’t know my mind

And liked captivity.


But evil’s too robust

An ill wind’s not a gust

You didn’t notice my design

You looked but didn’t see.