The Barbara Barr Bicycle (Elevator Pitch)

The Barbara Barr Bicycle (Elevator Pitch)

It’s my pleasure to introduce Barbara Barr

She’s a carriage I’ve long learned to like

Not a Ford or Toyota or dull motorcar

But a freewheeling exercise bike.


She’s a big thrill to ride though she might look bizarre

As she’s built like a fifty-pound pike

But she floats over potholes and roars along tar

So I ask myself what’s not to like?


She’s a poet of motion a true objet d’art

Like the works of Vermeer or Van Dyck

As she’s got some great moves in her wide repertoire

And her working parts don’t go on strike.


How she came by her name no one’s let on so far

Though it’s surely more catchy than Nike – y

And she’ll pull in the crowds at your village bazaar

Where her sales will most probably spike.


Now my pitch was complete so I said au revoir

And remounted my beautiful bike

But I wasn’t downbeat as a Barbara Barr’s

A big help when you hear “take a hike”.