Tai Chi and yoga

Tai Chi and yoga

Are keeping us fit

As when we bend over

Our outfits don’t split.


We breathe in and breathe out

And put on a smile

We’re not on the way out

We’re still versatile.


Yes we are the Boomers

Our lives have been sweet

As top end consumers

We’ve kept a clean sheet.


And though we contest

Shows on daytime TV

We don’t get depressed

When we need a new knee.


There’s lots to enjoy

We like staying alive

Though our hamburger’s soy

And we’ve lost our sex drive.


With countless attractions

On offer nearby

We prize such distractions

As bridge and Bonsai.


Grandchildren and pets

Are another resource

Like Holiday Lets

On a seafront golf course.


We may have been famous

Or then again not

But no one can blame us

For making a pot.


Yet as our time nears

And we’re often alone

We’re as shocked as our peers

At just how the time’s flown.