Spring Blossom

Spring Blossom

Are you back for the spring blossom


Are you back from the glorious cape

Are you finally bored playing possum


Are you done with your winter escape?


Are you back now the cold has

Admitted defeat?

And the sunshine has taken its place

For I know that your cottage

Has almost no heat

Not a breath of warm air to embrace.


Are you back here to work

Are you back with your beau

Tell me what are you planning to do?

In my case I admit

I’m now raring to go

For I can’t say the dark evenings flew.


You say you’re in love

That’s a hell of a start

For it makes up for much else besides

While I wish you both well

If he’s really that smart

You’ll be one of this season’s new brides.


Will we see you this time?

In the flesh with your friend

I do hope this turns out to be true

For the brief chats we have

And the emails we send

Are no substitute for the real you.