Have the findings of science truly treated us well

Since the breakthroughs of Newton and Einstein and Bell?

Having fallen in love with new plastics and cars

Our poor planet’s a patchwork of poisonous scars.


Now consider the Vatican’s need to condemn

Revelations from which revolution might stem

When Copernicus claimed the earth span round the sun

His contemporaries knew a new age had begun.


The Renaissance emerged from the darkness to freshen

Ideas that would end a relentless depression

Anatomy taught us the marvels of Man

While new remedies lengthen our human life span.


So whilst knowledge and learning have been on a roll

Our unfettered advances have taken their toll

For we plunder the frontiers and strip out the seas

Yet remain at the mercy of drought and disease.


As the Earth’s been subjected to blow after blow

We’ve embarked on a race for the next place to go

Though our ancestors followed the path of the stars

Could they ever have dreamt Man might make it to Mars?