Little Girl

Little Girl

Little girl in pink what are we to think

What are we to think about the little girl in pink?


Little boy in blue what are we to do

What are we to do with the little boy in blue?


Little girl in white what a pretty sight

What a pretty sight the little girl in white.


Little boy in yellow he’s such a handsome fellow

He’s such a handsome fellow the little boy in yellow.


Little girl in green she’s looking so serene

She’s looking so serene the little girl in green.


Little boy in brown he never has a frown

He never has a frown the little boy in brown.


Little girl in navy with her hair so wavy

With her hair so wavy the little girl in navy.


Little boy in red he’s such a sleepy head

He’s such a sleepy head the little boy in red.


Little girl in lilac she always has such good luck

She always has such good luck the little girl in lilac.


Little boy in orange he never wants to change

He never wants to change the little boy in orange.


Little girl in grey she hasn’t much to say

She hasn’t much to say the little girl in grey.


Little boy in black he’s always talking back

He’s always talking back the little boy in black.


Of the little girl in gold such stories will be told

Such stories will be told about the little girl in gold……Steeeelie!