Geography essentially explains the world we share

Describing near and far off lands and how their worlds compare

The vastly different languages that distant peoples speak

The varied ways of life of which so many are unique.


To sail across great oceans on an ever changing tide

Can stir up one’s emotions as one travels far and wide

To trek across the continents or scale a mountaintop

Or wander through a market as you watch the locals shop.


The pleasure one encounters as one tastes exotic food

The multitude of magic scents that magnify your mood

The endless faiths the odd beliefs the strangely spoken word

Outlandish clothes and mad motifs that sometimes seem absurd.


The boundaries of nation states and all that lies within

The movement of tectonic plates that tear the planet’s skin

The names of every country every region big or small

The climate in the tropics and the months of most rainfall.


Geography it seems to me can help all those who study

By making places on the map a thousand times less muddy

For if you know the whereabouts of rivers lakes and streams

You’ll cast aside unwelcome doubts and fill your head with dreams.