Divinity is largely the creation of mankind

Who from our first appearance found life’s purpose ill-defined

Thus over the millennia new Gods were brought to bear

To discipline the people by enforcing daily prayer.


Those early preachers understood the influence they’d hold

If every restless citizen would do as he was told

So based on superstition endless hierarchies were born

A world of man-made deities to whom all should be sworn.


Throughout the shifting sands of time great empires came and went

Who called their ancestry divine and powers heaven sent

They learned to conquer continents with more than shields and swords

By granting new supporters abstract heavenly rewards.


Within the past few thousand years the plan has stayed the same

With prophets morphing into Gods by popular acclaim

Great wars and endless suffering would follow in their wake

Devised by half-crazed zealots with their dreams of power at stake.


This brings us to the classroom and the challenges we face

For once a faith’s embedded it’s not easy to replace

Religious Education is the label now in use

But might this not leave room for boundless bias and abuse?